There are certainly times in which it is obvious an older adult needs help from home care. The onset of a serious chronic illness, an injury, or a stroke are all situations in which it can be easy to identify the need for help. However, when an older adult goes through a gradual decline in health and abilities, it can be hard to identify the need for home care. If you’re uncertain whether your aging relative needs assistance, below are 3 reasons or clues that can indicate a need for home care. 


#1: Weight Loss

Home Care Central Point, OR: Seniors and Home Care

Home Care Central Point, OR: Seniors and Home Care

If you notice your aging relative’s clothes are starting to look too big on them and they are losing weight, it could mean they are having some trouble feeding themselves. There can be many reasons for that, including: 

  • Being unable to drive to the grocery store. 
  • Physical ailments that make doing some steps difficult, such as arthritic hands that make opening cans and lifting pots hard. 
  • Cognitive problems that make it hard to follow a recipe or result in forgetting to eat. 
  • Lack of cooking skills. 


Home care providers can resolve this problem by preparing meals for the senior. They can make daily meals or cook several meals at one time that can be frozen and warmed up later. 


#2: Forgetting to Take Medicine 

Perhaps your older family member has had a condition that they’ve kept under control for years, like high blood pressure or even diabetes. Now, they might be having some trouble with managing the disease. Part of the problem could be forgetting to take their medicine.  


Home care providers cannot give your aging relative their medicine, but they can remind them to take it on their own. By offering medication reminders, home care can help your older family member to reliably take their medication on time each day. 


#3: Dirty House 

If your aging relative’s house is starting to look dirty and unkempt, it might be a sign that they are unable to manage the house by themselves. It could be that certain tasks are painful to do because of arthritis. There’s also a possibility that they are having cognitive issues that make it hard for them to complete certain kinds of tasks.  


Home care providers offer light cleaning services that can keep a senior’s house looking neat and tidy. Living in a clean home can make older adults feel better about themselves and more comfortable having people come into their home. 


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