Exercise and driving are more closely related than your senior might want to admit. But having an exercise routine and sticking with it might help your senior to keep driving for a longer span of time than she might have thought possible.

Her Mobility Dictates Much of Whether She Keeps Driving

Elderly Care Murphy, OR: Seniors and Driving

Elderly Care Murphy, OR: Seniors and Driving

Something your senior might overlook is that her ability to remain mobile, or at least to be able to continue to handle her vehicle safely. Being able to physically control the car is important, as is being able to operate the pedals and turn left and right to look for oncoming traffic. If these tasks are more difficult for your senior now, she may be at risk of having to give up her ability to drive. She may not want that, understandably. Exercise can help her to regain what she’s lost physically.

She Needs a Plan

What she really needs in order to do this properly is a plan. If your elderly family member hasn’t already talked to her doctor, now is the time. Her doctor can help her to put together a plan for moving more that meets her goals without endangering her health and well-being in any way. It might be that your senior needs to start out with physical therapy rather than true exercise until she’s strong enough to exercise on her own.

Tracking Progress Helps Keep Her on Goal

Your senior’s initial goal might be to continue to be able to drive, but she may develop other goals, too. She may want to gain some muscle tone or she might want to walk a set number of steps per day. Without tracking her progress now, she might not see that she’s actually making some progress toward her goals. She might feel as if she’s not getting anywhere, when she’s truly dong much more than she expects.

This Can Be More Fun Than She Expects

She might just enjoy this. Just because she’s planning to start exercising, that doesn’t mean that she has to be bored or that she has to hate what she’s doing. In fact, it’s a lot better for her and for everyone involved if your elderly family member has fun while she’s exercising. She might not see it at first, but experimenting with the activities that she tries can help.

Exercise isn’t a magic bullet that guarantees your senior will continue to be able to drive. It can help her to be able to keep driving, but she may have other issues affecting that ability. Having the option for elderly care providers to take over the driving duties can make a big difference. That way your senior is still able to go where she wants, but she can do so safely.


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