If you could predict whether your senior might fall or not, you could do more to protect her from that situation. The good news is that there are factors that make a fall way more likely for elderly people.


She Isn’t as Active as She Once Was

Caregiver Rogue River, OR: Seniors and Falling

Living a more sedentary lifestyle puts your senior into a position where she is less active overall and loses more muscle mass than she would have if she stayed active. This is one of many reasons why her doctor might have recommended that she begin an exercise program that’s tailored for her health and activity needs. Focusing on core muscles can help a great deal with balance, which she’ll need to avoid falling.


Walking Is Difficult for Her
Walking and standing are usually what your senior will be doing if she does begin to fall. If your senior is already having trouble walking or balancing while she’s standing, that’s a sign of trouble. Things become even more perilous if she’s got a limp or if she needs to pause while walking. Your senior’s gait is how she walks. Her doctor can help you to spot the issues within her gait that make her more likely to fall. Physical therapy may help, as can using assistive tools while walking.


She Has One or More Chronic Health Issues
Health conditions affect every aspect of your senior’s life, including the possibility that she might be more prone to falling. Arthritis in her hips, knees, and feet can cause pain while walking, while arthritis in her hands might make grasping support more difficult. If she’s got problems with blood sugar or blood pressure levels, either can make her experience dizziness when she tries to stand.


Her Vision Is Declining
Your senior can avoid the obstacles that she can see, so if her vision is declining, that increases the odds of her running into something or tripping over an object. Lighting improvements can make a bigger difference than you suspect. Add lighting fixtures or increase the wattage of the bulbs in existing fixtures. Eye exams can help you to determine what exactly is going on with your senior’s vision.


Your senior can still maintain her independence and avoid a fall. A lot of that depends on what she’s willing to do, like exercising more with her doctor’s blessing. Something else that can help immensely is for her to start working with elder care providers. They can handle tasks for her that have become too difficult and they can be a stabilizing presence when she’s up and moving.


Excerpt: Some of the factors that go into your senior experiencing a fall are ones that you might be able to predict more accurately than you might think.


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