A lot of people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. That includes older adults. In fact, some seniors may eat hardly any fruits and vegetables at all. Let’s face it, fruits and vegetables can be difficult to prepare. They all need to be washed and some need to be cut and peeled. For some older adults, that’s just too much trouble or they may be unable to perform those actions because of disabilities. However, there are lots of ways you can easily increase the amounts of fruits and vegetables your aging relative eats. Below are some simple tricks to try.


Add Fruit to Breakfast

Home Care Gold Hill, OR: Adding fruits and Veggies to a Seniors Diet

Home Care Gold Hill, OR: Adding fruits and Veggies to a Seniors Diet

Fruit is perfect to include in any breakfast. Serve a bowl of melon or half a grapefruit as a side. Put bananas or berries in a bowl of cereal. Fruit juice makes an excellent breakfast beverage. Just make sure it is 100% juice and not a sugary, fruit flavored drink.


Include a Dip
Fresh fruits and vegetables make a tasty and satisfying snack when served with a healthy dip. Vegetables can be dipped in hummus, a bean-based dip. Or, make a dip from plain Greek yogurt. Peanut butter is a good way to include some protein with fruit. Dip slices of apples in it or put some on a banana.


Keep a Bowl of Fruit on the Counter
Wash fresh fruit and put it in a bowl on the counter. Keeping it where it’s visible may make your older family member reach for it when they’re hungry instead of digging through the cupboards for a less healthy snack.


Put Veggies on a Sandwich
Instead of serving a sandwich with just meat and cheese on it, add some vegetables. Keep washed lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes, and other vegetables in the refrigerator so they are easy to grab and add to a sandwich.


Use Leftover Vegetables to Make Soup
Don’t waste leftover vegetables. Instead, put them in the freezer and add them to homemade soups. This will make cooking up a pot of soup quicker and easier—no chopping necessary.


Home care is another way to improve the diet of your aging relative. Home care providers can prepare meals that contain plenty of fruits and vegetables. Home care providers can also drive seniors to the grocery store and help them to shop. And, a home care provider can wash and chop vegetables so there is always fresh produce for your loved one to grab for a snack.


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