Your senior’s teeth are just as important now as they’ve been throughout her life, even if she’s missing a few of them. Here are just a few of the problems she might be encountering with her teeth and mouth.

She May Experience Gum Disease

Home Care Wilderville, OR:Dental Problems to Watch for with Your Senior

Your senior may have had gum disease her entire life, but it can become worse as she gets older. Complications from existing health conditions can make gum disease an even bigger problem. Talk to your senior’s dentist about what she needs to be aware of and how she can protect her gums. Switching to softer foods can help to protect delicate gum tissues.

Her Teeth Could Weaken and Decay
Your senior may find that she’s suddenly having issues with cavities or with weaker teeth. She might even find that some of her teeth are lose or falling out. There’s a lot to deal with when teeth are becoming weaker and cavities can spread from one tooth to others. Your senior may also find that her teeth are more likely to become infected now, which is something that her dentist can treat for her.

She Might Experience Dry Mouth
Dry mouth can contribute to both gum disease and to tooth decay, but it’s an irritating problem on its own. Your senior’s body works differently now in a lot of different ways, including the salivary glands in her mouth. Drinking water more often can help to keep her mouth tissue moist during the day, but there may be other solutions her dentist can recommend.

She May Lose Her Sense of Taste
Very often older adults lose their sense of taste. This can happen because the sense of smell is also weakening or there might be medication side effects that are contributing to this problem. This can make eating a lot less enjoyable for your elderly family member, which might contribute to other problems, like not eating or drinking enough.

Her Gums and Dentures Might Not Fit Well Together
If your senior already has dentures, it’s important to note that her gums can change shape, which then creates gaps where she might not have had them before. Refitting dentures might be a possibility and it’s fairly easy to do in the dentist’s office. If her gums have changed a lot, she may need a new set of dentures.

Dental care is so important, even as your senior is aging. If she needs help brushing her teeth, home care providers can help with that and other personal care tasks. They can even help with transportation to the dentist if she hasn’t been in a little too long.

Excerpt: Dental problems are a big concern for your senior. Here’s what you need to be aware of in terms of dental health.

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