Five Steps for Your Dad to Stop Smoking During Lung Cancer Awareness Month

New lung cancer cases average around 235,760 each year. It’s often diagnosed around the age of 70. It’s one of the most prevalent types of cancer, with a quarter of yearly cancer deaths attributed to it. Smokers have a higher risk.

Men have a six percent chance of developing lunch cancer. November’s Lung Cancer Awareness Month has motivated your dad to take action and try to stop smoking. What can you do to help him succeed?

Talk to His Doctor

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Your dad should see his doctor and discuss the best ways to quit. Cold turkey works for some, but it doesn’t work for everyone. He may have better success if he’s prescribed medications that help him quit. Nicotine cessation products can be vital to help him stop.

Look for Healthier Replacements for the Feeling

Keeping his hands and lips busy is critical to defeating the habit. When he smokes, he’s usually reading the newspaper and having a cup of coffee. He’s going to miss the cigarette that’s in his hand while he does those.

To replace it, he could have carrot or celery sticks nearby. If the craving hits, he picks up the vegetable stick to chew on. A low-sugar candy stick may work better for him due to the sucking motion.

Find Support Groups

Look for smoking cessation support groups online or near your dad’s home. If he has others supporting him, it helps him power through cravings. You can try to help him, but unless you’ve been there, it’s hard to tell exactly what he’s going through.

Help Him Find Enjoyable Activities

Find ways to help your dad bust the stress he feels. If stress caused him to start smoking, the best way to quit is by finding ways to ease that stress.

Exercise is one of the best ways to battle excess stress. Your dad should find a program he enjoys and make sure he’s doing it each day. He might find a punching bag works best, or a daily walk in the woods may be more appealing.

Ensure He Has Emotional Support and Motivation at Home

If your dad lives alone, is anyone around during the day to help him stay motivated? It’s time to address how much of his smoking is related to stress and emotional discomfort. If he uses cigarettes to unwind, he needs emotional support and tools for releasing tension to help him quit.

Support your dad’s health and wellness goals by arranging home care. With caregivers, he has companionship he needs to stay motivated. Call a home care agency to make arrangements for companion care services.

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