The best solution might sound like having your senior move in with you, but have you both thought it through? It helps to have these conversations up front and to put solutions in place now that can grow and adapt for both of you as your senior’s needs change. These are just a few of the most important considerations for you and your senior to discuss. 

What Are Everyone’s Expectations?

Senior Care Rogue River, OR: Moving Your Senior In With You

Feelings can get hurt very quickly with this sort of arrangement. What is it that you expect out of your senior moving in with you? And what does she expect? Having some open, frank discussions before you pull the trigger on anything really matters. You need to talk about all sorts of issues from budgetary considerations to how meals will be handled. Small details matter because they can quickly become big resentments down the line. 

Is There Space for Everyone Involved? 

It’s also important to look at whether there’s an appropriate amount of space for everyone involved. Is this going to infringe on your senior’s privacy? How about on your own privacy? It’s possible that this living arrangement may affect you on a physical and an emotional level, so it’s important to be prepared for that eventuality. 

Will This Be More Overwhelming for You? 

How much care does your senior need? That’s also something that you both need to talk about now. There may have been some situations developing that your senior didn’t want to mention before, but once you’re living together, she may not be able to keep those issues under wraps. It’s important for you both to know what you’re getting into. Think also about what your responsibilities are now and how this change will affect you. 

What Kinds of Home Modifications Need to Be Made? 

Take a look at your home itself, too. What does your senior need in terms of safety? If installing handrails will help her to be safer in the bathroom, then that’s something that needs to be done before she moves in. Other changes, like increasing lighting and adjusting flooring to accommodate her mobility needs, are also crucial. 

This might be a good time to start thinking about hiring senior care services now. They can help your elderly family member when you’re not able to be there with her and can even handle transportation as well as companionship. As your senior’s health worsens, their help may need to be more hands-on. 


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