The hardest part of exercising is often getting started. Once you can get your elderly family member to that point, your next challenge together is to help her to keep moving regularly. These tips can help you both to put a plan together that works well for your senior. 

Talk about What She Gets from Exercise

Caregiver Gold Hill, OR: Seniors and Exercise

The benefits of exercise are far-reaching, especially for your senior. There are the physical benefits, including building her strength and helping her to improve her balance. Exercise can also help her to improve her circulation and can boost her immune system. There are emotional benefits, too, in terms of helping your senior to manage stress and improving her sleep. She doesn’t even have to exercise a lot to get these benefits. 

Do the Prep Work 

If your elderly family member hasn’t exercised in a while, there’s prep work she likely needs to do in order to get to a point where she can exercise regularly. She may want to start with gentle stretching, for instance, before she tries to do anything more complicated. As she gets used to moving more and building up her endurance and her balance, she’ll be able to branch out and try other types of activities that appeal to her. 

Ensure She’s Safe 

Exercising properly means first being as safe as possible. For your senior, that means making sure first that her doctor clears her to exercise. From there, that means planning her exercise carefully. She needs to go slowly at first to allow her body to acclimate before she moves on to more complicated exercises. Doing things like exercising in water if it’s possible can help her to protect her joints while still strengthening her body. 

Figure out How to Encourage Consistency 

What will help your senior to stick with exercising? For most people, enjoying what they’re doing is the best way to encourage consistency. Help your elderly family member to find the activity that she really loves. The next thing that’s likely to help your senior to want to stick with exercise is for her to enjoy what she gets from exercising. As she reaps more benefits, she may be more likely to keep moving. 

Exercise does so much good for your elderly family member. As her caregiver, you can help her to be successful with whatever it is that she chooses to do in terms of moving more. 


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