Your parents’ older home needs upgrades. They want to age at home, but you’re not sure the expense of these upgrades is worthwhile. These are four upgrades that you should consider as they’ll add to the home’s value and reduce monthly expenses. 
Switch Lighting Fixtures

Senior Care in Merlin, OR: Home Upgrades

Switch old older light fixtures for economical LED ones. In fixtures that are too hard to change, you can either hire an electrician or replace the bulbs. Upgrading the bulbs to LED bulbs will help save some money. LED bulbs can also be brighter than CFL bulbs, so it increases safety. 
Remodel the Kitchen 
A kitchen remodel boosts a home’s value. It’s important that you stick to the home’s original style. If your parents have an older farmhouse, a modern stainless steel and glass kitchen may not fit the original décor. Try to stick to a farmhouse design. 
Save money by stripping or sanding the old cabinets and painting them using a cabinet restoration kit. Recycled/used butcher block counters are another idea that helps save money. Upgrade old appliances with energy-efficient models that will save money on electricity bills. 
Upgrade the Heating System 
If your parents’ heating system is old, it’s likely inefficient. A boiler or furnace upgrade is expensive, but the lowered heating fuel cost will make up for it. It also may bring the home’s system up-to-code, which is safer. 
Increase Insulation 
With a new heating system comes a need to make sure insulation is the best it can be. You can add insulation into an attic without needing to bring in contractors if you have some DIY skills. If there’s no attic, it may be harder. A basement could be insulated with more insulation in the overhang area. Putting insulation sheets along the walls will also help. 
Don’t Overlook the Benefits to Senior Care Services 
To age at home, you do need to focus on your parents’ safety and well-being. There are two key reasons senior care services make sense. 
First, they gain companionship. You’re busy with work and your children and partner/spouse. You want to help your parents, but it’s not always feasible. Caregivers provide the companionship they need. 
Second, your parents don’t have to struggle with daily tasks. Laundry, meal preparation, and transportation can be hard to manage as you age. Arthritis pain, chronic health conditions, and worsening vision can all impact daily life. With a caregiver’s help, your parents get everything done without a struggle. 

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