As a caregiver you might find yourself at every single doctor’s appointment for your senior, but how many of yours are you making it to? Probably not as many as you really should be, especially if you’re like most caregivers. Here’s why you need to rethink that approach, especially in terms of the long run.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know about Your Health

Caregiver Gold Hill, OR: Four Reasons You Need to See Your Own Doctor

It’s easy to explain away small ailments that are just a little irritating to you. Sleeping poorly, having indigestion, and allergies that don’t seem to go away are all minor annoyances, but they can be indications of bigger problems. You can deal with these situations when they’re still rather small or you can let them blossom into much bigger health issues.

Bigger Health Issues Can’t Be Ignored
The big problem with letting those small annoyances become bigger health issues is that they’re often big. Sleeping problems due to sleep apnea could be indications of bigger problems, and once you’re dealing with those, you can’t exactly ignore them. What that ends up meaning is that you’re at a point where you can’t afford to neglect these situations any longer.

You Need to Be in Tune with Yourself
When you don’t go to your doctor and when you downplay your minor health issues, you wind up discrediting yourself. You start to ignore bigger and bigger symptoms until finally you realize that you’re way out of touch with your body and your overall health. It’s vital that you listen to your body and to what it’s telling you. That’s going to allow you to stay healthier, which should be a main goal for everyone.

Your Health Affects Your Ability to Be a Caregiver
If nothing else, remember that your ability to continue to be a caregiver to the people you love hinges directly on your health. Thinking about the situation from that perspective can help caregivers to realize just how important it is that they’re doing as well as possible, too. Your own self-care isn’t selfish. It’s what allows you to keep doing what you need and want to do.

You won’t immediately be kicked out of the caregiver club if you skip a doctor’s appointment or two. But you will eventually weed yourself out of the job if you do this consistently. Take care of your health and you won’t have to worry about this possibility.

Excerpt: If you haven’t been to your own doctor lately, you’re not alone. Plenty of caregivers skip visits to their own doctors.


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