Some days just don’t go the way that you expect them to go. When those days grow into a full week, you might feel as if you just can’t get anything right. Here are some things you can look a little more closely into if that’s what you’re feeling.

Look Deeper at the Emotions You’re Feeling

Elderly Care Wilderville, OR: Four Tips for When Everything Seems to Be Going Wrong

When everything seems to have gone pear-shaped, your emotions are almost always in there somewhere. You might be experiencing emotions you would typically refer to as negative, like anger or frustration. If you’re not in touch with your feelings and you’ve been trying to push them to the side, they might be rearing up anyway. That’s the problem with trying to ignore emotions. They don’t go away; they just get more insistent.

Check in with Your Current Goals
What are your current goals as a caregiver? Sometimes the problem isn’t that things are going wrong, it’s that you’re trying to achieve one goal and the situation calls for another. When you look more closely at your goals and the results you would like to see, you might start to realize that those aren’t as achievable as you originally thought that they were. You never have to feel bad for changing your goals. That is something you can do whenever you need to.

Take Some Time Away and Reassess
Taking some time away from caregiving can help so much with those times when you feel as if everything is out of control. Very often you’re feeling the way that you are because you’re micromanaging the caregiving experience and you’re not allowing yourself any downtime. Hire elderly care providers and take an afternoon for yourself. It can be amazing how even a couple of hours can refocus your perspective.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get More Help
Something else to consider is that you might need more help than you currently have on a regular basis. This might mean that you’re lacking actual hands-on help, which is a common problem for caregivers. It can also mean that the emotional and mental challenges of caregiving are taking a toll on you. Talking with a therapist who has experience with caregiving can be immensely helpful.

Not every day is going to be the best day with you and your senior. You can take some steps to do the best that you can, though, and that matters a lot more than you might think.

Excerpt: Some days, or even some weeks, just seem to keep going wrong. If you’re experiencing that a lot more often, it’s time to dig deeper.


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