Give Your Senior Parent’s Home A Fall Safety Overhaul

Fall is on the way once again. That means cool and wet weather and less light during the day. Now is the perfect time to get your senior loved one’s home ready for fall so that your senior parent can be safe at home. When you are doing a fall safety overhaul you should focus on making sure that the home ‘s exteriors are ready for upcoming cold, rain, and even some snow heading into the winter. Safety expert and in-home care providers who have experience working with seniors aging at home recommend that you:

Check Walkways

Home Care Gold Hill, OR: Safety Overhaul

To start with you should check all the paths and walkways that lead to the home’s entrances. If they are cracked or uneven get a contractor to fix them. Uneven or cracked walkways that get covered with leaves or soaked in the rain can be dangerous for your senior loved one to walk on.

Put Out Floor Mats

If you haven’t yet now is the time to invest in some heavy-duty weather appropriate floor mats. Instead of a simple welcome mat look for heavy plastic floor mats with raised bumps for grip and channels to drain water or snow from the bottoms of boots and shoes. Put them at all of the home’s entrances so that anyone coming in the home won’t slip or track water inside that would make the floors slippery.

Cover Entrances

If the entrances to your senior parent’s home aren’t covered you should talk to a contractor about putting awnings on top of the entrances or building a little covered area outside the door. That way your senior loved one or the in-home care provider that comes to help your parent will be able to put down packages or bags and safely remove their shoes or boots without getting soaked. It will also ensure that the area just in front of the door stays dry even in bad weather.

Hire A Leaf Service

Wet leaves are extremely slippery and fall winds can blow them onto steps and walkways. Hire a leaf service to come on a regular basis and clean out the leaves from the property so that your senior parents aren’t walking on slippery paths when they leave the house. Getting rid of those leaves regularly will eliminate a major fall risk for your senior parents.

Get Gutters Cleaned

When the gutters on the home are full the water can overflow and pool at the corners of the house and near the entrances. That extra water can make the ground very muddy and soft, which makes it a fall risk. Overflowing gutters can also leak into the house and cause some major water damage. It’s a very good idea to get the gutters on the house cleaned at least twice a year to prevent any damage to the home and to prevent your senior parent from slipping and falling due to wet ground.

Check The Outside Lights

It’s very important to make sure that all of the outside lights are working and that the bulbs are very bright so that your senior loved one will be able to see as they come and go. Install motion sensor lights that will automatically light off so that your senior parent doesn’t need to worry about turning lights on and off.

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