The coronavirus pandemic has forced almost everyone to self-quarantine at home. As your senior’s caregiver, that can mean that both you and she are spending a lot more time together than you have in the recent past. You may need some coping tips. 

Try to Let Some Things Go

Caregiver Wilderville, OR:Coping with Self-quarantine

This is an unusual and tough time for a lot of people. You and your senior may be used to going and doing and that’s just not possible right now with a pandemic in full bloom. Everyone’s emotions are all over the place and sometimes you might feel as if you’re going to snap. It’s important to let some things, like loading the dishwasher exactly right every time, go right now. If it’s not a vital situation, take a deep breath and just let it go. 

Maintain Contact with Other People 

You and your senior both need to keep in touch with the people in your lives that you care about. Use all of the tools at your disposal, from social media to video chatting, in order to add some variety and give yourselves a chance to “see” and hear from the people you love. This can help you both to remember that you’re not alone. 

Do Activities Together that You Both Enjoy 

Spending time together doing activities that you each love is also a great idea right now. This helps to build up happy feelings and can reduce tension that you might be experiencing. Some activities to consider might be crafting together, spending time in the garden, or even just watching a favorite movie together. 

Do Activities that Are Just for You 

Something else to remember is that you need to still be doing things just for you. Even though you’re spending almost all of your time at home now, you still need to be taking care of yourself. Your senior needs to be doing some things that are just about her, and you do as well. Find a new hobby, take a class, or read something you’ve been meaning to read. 

Make Sure Everyone Has a “Time Out” Space  

It’s also really important that everyone in the house has a “time out” space where they can go when they feel as if they need some time alone. This can help to reduce hurt feelings and limit frustration on everyone’s part. It’s important that everyone in the house respects everyone else’s need for a time out, too. 

Suddenly being in self-quarantine can be really tough emotionally for everybody in the household. Figuring out how to deal with that from the start can help. 


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