Malnutrition is a big deal. It can lead to serious health complications that might very quickly land your senior in the hospital. If she’s trying to hide her malnutrition from you, you might find it difficult to spot the signs. Here’s what to look for so you can get your senior back on track.

Losing Weight Is a Big Sign of Malnutrition

Senior Care Gold Hill, OR: Malnutrition in Your Senior

One of the most visible signs of malnutrition can be rapid weight loss that your senior isn’t trying to achieve. The big problem with losing a lot of weight quickly is that it often happens through muscle loss, which causes other issues for your senior. If you’re already familiar with your senior’s ideal weight and what it takes for her to maintain that, you can get her back on track a little more easily. Your senior’s doctor can help you to figure out what those benchmarks should be for her.

Start to Examine Her Eating Habits
If you’re not eating meals with your elderly family member, you might not realize just what or when she’s eating. That can be a problem when it comes to gauging her nutritional intake. One easy solution is to just start eating with your senior more often. You could also encourage her to keep a food diary. Both options allow you to take stock of what your senior might be eating.

Ask Her Doctor about Potential Causes
There are a lot of medical causes for malnutrition. She might be taking medications that affect her appetite. Likewise, the health conditions she has can also reduce her appetite. If nothing prompts her to eat, your aging family member might gradually be eating less and less, therefore getting fewer nutrients into her system every day. Her doctor may be able to help you to find a solution.

Stay on the Lookout for Other Symptoms
Malnutrition causes problems for your senior beyond just losing weight. You might start to notice that your senior is ill more often than she used to be in the past. That happens because her immune system needs nutrients in order to function properly. Other signs could involve issues like blood sugar levels that are too high or too low or problems maintaining her blood pressure.

One solution might be to hire senior care providers. They can spend time with your senior when you can’t, which can also help you to spot other signs of malnutrition. They can also help your elderly family member to eat more regularly throughout the day and ensure that what she eats is full of nutrients.

Excerpt: Malnutrition can be a massive problem for your senior. The sooner you spot the signs the sooner you can get her help.

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