If you haven’t been setting goals, you might have found yourself floundering a bit on your caregiving journey. When you do set goals and you map out a plan to accomplish them, you can do so much more.

Determine What You’re Aiming Toward

Caregiver Hugo, OR: How Can You Start Setting Goals as a Caregiver?

It helps to really get clear about what you want your final result to be. That’s often where people, especially caregivers, have trouble with their goals. Either you’re setting the wrong goal or you’re fuzzy about what you want that end result to be. One of your goals might be to manage the stress you experience as a caregiver in a better, healthier way than you’re doing right now. So, once you determine that much, you need to get extremely clear about what that means for you. What exactly is that healthier method? Do some research and determine what you want that end result to look like.

What Does it Take to Get Where You Want to Be?

Before you can take any steps, you need to know what those steps even are. In your quest to manage your stress in healthier ways, you might find that caregiver support groups can help, that therapy is sometimes helpful, and that exercise can burn off stress. You might find a few other techniques, too. Determine what you want to try first and look at what it takes for you to begin.

Keep Breaking Goals Down into Smaller Steps

You might even opt to try several of these stress-busting techniques at once, which can mean rearranging your schedule a bit and figuring out how you can commit to your choices. Keep breaking those goals down into smaller steps. If you decide you’ll go to four caregiver support meetings a week, what does that mean for you? That might mean that you need to line up respite support, that you need to make sure the times for those meetings match up with your available time, and that you actually go.

Keep Your Goal in the Forefront

It’s easy to forget why you’re doing certain things. For instance, working out regularly is really difficult for a lot of people. You might start out strong, going to the gym several times a week and getting those workouts in. But eventually other things might start to feel more important and you start skipping workouts. If you keep reminding yourself why you’re going to the gym and what it’s supposed to be doing for you, you’re going to be more likely to stick with it.

Your goals as a caregiver are important. They help you to make sure you take care of all of your obligations, including yourself. How you get your goals accomplished matters.


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