How to Know When Your Senior is Losing Their Memory

As seniors age, their memory may begin to decline. It is not always easy for caregivers or loved ones to notice when an older adult with dementia has started having trouble remembering things they just experienced. If your senior loved one is experiencing signs of losing their memory, it’s important that you know the warning signs and what steps can be taken to help your senior maintain their memory. Here are some signs to look for when you suspect your senior is losing their memory.

Losing Memory of Recent Events

Companion Care at Home in Merlin, OR: Memory Loss

Seniors who are experiencing memory loss will often forget the details surrounding recent events they have experienced, even if it just happened moments ago. Your elderly loved one may ask you what that thing they just saw was or what they were doing before a particular activity. This is often the first sign of memory loss and your senior may not be aware that they are experiencing changes in their memory therefore it’s important to watch for signs on behalf of them.

Losing Items All Over Your Home

Another thing you should notice if an aging loved one is experiencing memory loss is losing items all around your home. This may be anything from their glasses, to their car keys or even forgetting where they have placed new belongings in the house. Your senior will likely become frustrated with themselves as this begins to happen frequently and it’s important that you find ways of helping them stay organized so they don’t become too disoriented.

Memory Loss When Conversing with Others

Another sign that your senior is experiencing memory loss is if they are forgetting what someone has told them or cannot remember conversations they had less than an hour ago. If you notice this happening frequently, it’s important to ask the person who was talking to your senior if they noticed anything odd about their behavior or if your senior seemed to be having trouble understanding what they were saying.

Losing Interest in Their Hobbies

A final warning sign that you should look out for when it comes to memory loss is if your aging loved one starts losing interest in things that used to bring them joy, such as hobbies. If your senior used to be very involved in a hobby, but they have stopped doing it entirely, this may be the first sign of losing their memory. It is important that you encourage them to continue hobbies as much as possible so they are able to stimulate their mind and avoid being bored for extended periods of time.


If you notice these signs in an aging parent, it’s important that you take action as soon as possible to help your senior maintain their memory. Companion care at home can provide your loved ones with the care they need in order to keep them active and engaged so they are able to continue doing things they love for many years to come.

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