It’s Time to Talk About Your Mom

Your mom’s care is important. When she’s living alone with changing healthcare needs, thoughts may shift towards moving her in with you or having her downsize. Is that what she wants?

It’s time to sit down with your mom and talk to her about her plans. Does she want to rely on her children or grandchildren? What about senior care services? Now is a good time to ask these questions.

What Are Her Current Care Needs?

Personal Care at Home in Rogue River, OR: Care Needs

How’s your mom’s health? She likely has at least one chronic health condition. Arthritis, diabetes, dementia, and high blood pressure are most common. If her health is changing, it can make it harder to complete some activities of daily living without assistance.

Plus, some health conditions, such as obesity, increase the risk of other health issues. Suppose your mom is overweight, her risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke increase, especially if she’s not following her doctor’s recommendations. If she has a stroke months or years from now, she’s going to depend on the help of others.

Is She Near Services?

Where your mom lives also determines some of the care she needs. How far is it to reach her doctor or local hospital if she lives in the country? Being alone can be stressful when you’re waiting for paramedics when they’re hours away. If she has someone with her for comfort, she’ll be less anxious, which can help with healing.

Living in a rural setting makes it harder to socialize if her friends and neighbors are a distance away. She’ll need people stopping by to check in on her and make sure she has everything she needs.

If your mom cannot drive, she’ll need someone available to take her to her dental and medical appointments. She can have caregivers take her grocery shopping, run errands, and take her out to social events. If she wants to go to the museum for a tour, her caregivers help her get there.

Where Does She See Herself Living?

Your mom may be okay moving in with you. But, some older adults do not want to feel as though they are burdens. You may not see her as a burden, but that won’t stop her from feeling like she’s imposing on your life.

This is where personal care at home offers innumerable benefits. Your mom has assistance with everything she needs to get done during the day. She can have her caregiver cook her meals and prepare snacks. Let her personal care at home aides drive her to the store, schedule appointments, and provide the companionship your mom needs.

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