Knee replacement surgery is one of the most common surgeries for the elderly. The good news is that once the surgery is complete, 90% of patients report a huge improvement in their mobility as well as their pain levels. If your parent has recently had knee replacement surgery, you can help her prepare her home for an easier and faster recovery.  

  • Start with the basics at home. 

    Home Health Care Merlin, OR: Knee Replacement Surgery

    It might be best to set up a “recovery room” on the main floor to eliminate the need for your parent to use stairs. Take these steps before she even arrives home:

  1. Prepare her bed so that she can easily get in and out of it.  
  2. Place lots of pillow on the bed for her to elevate her leg as needed 
  3. Place desired care items near her bed, such as water bottles, books to read, and the remote control. Depending on your parent’s situation, you might even want to have a commode ready for her if the bathroom isn’t on the same level. 
  4. Have a walker, cane or crutches to help her move around when she needs.  


  • Hire a home health care provider.  
    A home health care provider can help both with chores that need to be done, as well as to make sure your parent is on track with her medication, and can even help your parent perform some of her recommended physical therapy activities.  Having a trained and trusted individual physically in the home with your parent will give you both some peace of mind as well as provide your parent extra opportunities to increase her mobility and strength as she recovers.  
  • Provide easy to make meals. 
    Ask friends and family to sign up to bring easy, ready to heat-and-eat meals to your parent to make sure she eats well during her recovery. While you want to avoid having visitors enter the home during the current time of social distancing, you can set up an area outside for them to drop off meals and then either you or your home health care provider can bring in the delivered meals. Ask those delivering meals to make sure to include a nice card or note to brighten your parent’s day as well. Feed her soul as well as her body! 
  • Motivate her to complete rehab tasks.  
    Movement at first is going to be painful, but walking and using the knee are important steps to gaining full mobility. If your parent is hesitant to do the required rehab, find ways to motivate her. Your home health care provider may have some good tricks up her sleeve, but even just having yourself or other family members express their excitement to be able to do things with your parent in the future may help motivate her to get moving and get better.  

Daily care will be needed as your parent begins her recovery, so enlisting as many people as you safely can, will help ensure that your parent will progress as needed. Most knee surgeries easily take three months until the person is able to return to her normal activities. It’s a slow journey but one that is worth the destination.  

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