In order to afford elderly care, your parents need to start cutting monthly expenses. Weekly groceries is one of the first places to start. Here are some of the easier ways to slash grocery bills and use the savings to help pay for caregivers.

Look for Grocery Savings Programs

Elderly Care Rogue River, OR: Slash Grocery Bills

Many grocery stores offer savings programs now. In addition to coupons that are targeted to your parents’ usual purchases, a monthly or quarterly rebate is tallied. That money becomes a substantial discount your parents can use towards a grocery purchase in the future.

Another idea is to sign up for a rebate program like Ibotta or Checkout51. Your parents earn cash-back rebates on items they’re buying at grocery stores and mass merchandise stores. Most of them send you a check as soon as you’ve accumulated $20.

Shop Sales

Pay attention to sales. When there is a sale on an item your parents use regularly stock up. They may have to store something for a few weeks or months, but they’ll save money and not have to purchase that item for a while.

Good things to buy on sale include turkeys around Thanksgiving or cabbages and carrots around St. Patrick’s Day. You can freeze extra turkeys. One turkey will cover several meals. Cabbages and carrots can be blanched and frozen for future meals.

Use Coupons

Reach out to manufacturers to see if there are coupons available. If your parents use certain items regularly, it’s worth seeing if there are coupons to help them save.

For example, if your mom insists that Tide is the only detergent that works for her, send an email to Tide and share the story about your mom’s devotion to the brand. Ask if there are coupons available and how to find them.

Avoid Splurge Purchases by Preparing Meals for Them

Do your parents like to cook meals? You may find that they really don’t enjoy it. Arthritis pain is one of the reasons, but they also may find it hard to cook meals for one or two people rather than a whole family. As a result, they order freezer meals or takeout more often. That gets costly.

Help your parents by creating meals they can reheat or put in a slow cooker during the week. Casseroles are easy to freeze and reheat in the oven. Stews and soups can be prepped and frozen in freezer bags with instructions on how much stock to add to the ingredients in a slow cooker.

Once your parents have lowered their monthly expenses, it’s a good time to call an elderly care agency to discuss pricing. If you create a schedule that pairs professional caregivers with family carers, elderly care becomes very affordable and easy to arrange. Call now.


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