It might seem that getting a restful nights sleep is just common sense, but it’s also good for safety, especially for seniors. Most of us younger, healthier adults don’t think much about how a poor nights sleep can affect our safety, but it can. 

And, it often does. 

The last time you only scraped together a couple of hours of sleep at night, how did you feel? You were probably groggy in the morning, right? Maybe that first cup of coffee helped, but were you completely focus throughout the rest of the day? 

No, you weren’t. Even if you think you were, there were moments of difficulty, to say the least. Fogginess, struggling to remember something, or having difficulty concentrating on the task at hand. These are all signs of a lack of sleep. 

Well, guess what? When youre running around, rushing to get things done, your brain is still slow to process. And, when it is slow to process certain information, like how high to lift your foot when running up or down stairs, it can lead to a trip and fall accident. 

The same is true for seniors, even if they no longer work and our spending most of their time at home. If they don’t sleep well at night, there is an increasing risk of mishaps and accidents. 


For seniors, safety should be a top priority at home.

Senior Care Central Point, OR: Sleep and Safety

Unfortunately, it’s barely a priority for anyone else, so by the time a person is in their 70s or 80s, they’ve gone through their entire adult life with barely a thought about safety concerns in the home. 

How are they going to be worried about it then? If they are reminded. If an adult child, spouse, friend, sibling, or even neighbor talks to them about safety hazards and how a poor nights sleep can impact that, they might listen. 

It might take time for them to actually come around and realize that they are putting themselves at risk if theyre not getting enough sleep, but when other people point it out, they might become more introspective. 


Encourage support when needed. 

Not every aging senior who lives alone needs a home care provider. However, for somebody who struggles to sleep at night, not only should they consult their doctor for possible treatment options, but they should consider home care aide. 

A home care aide through an agency can support them in the morning to help them get ready and maybe for an hour or two at night to help them get ready for bed. 

That little bit can make a world of difference for their safety. 


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