Ways to Tell if Your Elderly Loved One Has High Stress

Are you wondering why your elderly loved one has been distant lately? Do you want to know why they have been short with you when you barely say a word to them? It could be that your elderly loved one is struggling with high stress levels. There are some ways that you can tell if this is happening. After reviewing the signs, if you believe your elderly loved one does have high stress, it might be best to have them see a doctor. You could also hire home care providers to help them out. Sometimes, getting extra help can lower stress for senior citizens.

Having Mood Swings

Home Care Wilderville, OR: High Stress and Seniors

Does your elderly loved one go from being happy to being irritable in an instant? Does it seem like your elderly loved one is feeling okay earlier in the day, but by mid-afternoon, they are on edge? If your elderly loved one is having mood swings, they might be struggling with high stress levels. Being on edge all the time isn’t good for anyone. If this is the case for your elderly loved one, it may be best to have them see a doctor. If there are no health issues causing the stress, you may want to consider getting senior care providers. These providers can be around to help your loved one when they need it. Hopefully, the help they receive can bring their stress levels down.

Having More Memory Issues Than Normal

Most elderly people experience some memory loss. However, if your elderly loved one is having more memory issues than normal, but they don’t have a neurodegenerative condition causing the memory loss, they could be experiencing high stress levels. Once they get the stress under control, if the memory loss goes away, the stress was likely the cause.

Having Sleep Issues

Is your elderly loved one have a tough time sleeping well at night? They might not be able to fall asleep for a long time after they get in bed. Their thoughts may be running wild when they lie down at night. If your elderly loved one does fall asleep, they may even be waking up a lot during the night. If these things are happening and your elderly loved one doesn’t have a sleep disorder, stress could be the primary cause of these issues.


These are some of the ways to tell if your elderly loved one has high stress levels. If you do suspect your elderly loved one is stressed out, talk to them about it. They may just need extra help from you or home care providers. They may also need to see a doctor about the stress they are experiencing.

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