What Are the Common Elderly Scams in 2021?

One of the best ways to help your parents avoid scams is by making sure they’re not alone for days and weeks. If they are more likely to talk to someone on the phone or online because they’re lonely, it’s important to address their desire for companionship and socialization.

COVID-19 Scams

Senior Care Gold Hill, OR: Scams and Seniors

As more older adults are looking to get appointments for their COVID-19 vaccinations, scammers are hoping to cash in. Some scammers offer to book vaccination appointments if the senior gives out their Medicare ID number. Once they have the number, they bill Medicare for services and collect the cash.

Some older adults were victims of a survey scam where they were offered a payment of around $100 if they answered a survey regarding their health information and opinions of the vaccination. Another scam asked seniors to give out their SSN to sign up for the vaccinations.

Make sure your parents know that COVID-19 vaccinations and tests are free. They do not need to give out their SSN to get one. If they do need to provide insurance information, they’ll do that with the doctor or pharmacist and never with a stranger at the door or over the phone.

Email Scams

A variety of email scams are sent out each week and probably land in your mom or dad’s inbox. Scams are often related to a prize or inheritance that the scammer claims your parents qualify to receive, they just need to send their bank account information.

If your parents get these scams, they should mark them as spam and delete them. Never send bank account information via email.

The Grandparent Scam

This scam has been popular for several years. An elderly person gets a call from someone posing to be a lawyer, police officer, or even the grandchild. The caller will say the grandchild was in an accident, had his or her wallet stolen, or got arrested and needs money sent immediately for legal fees, spending money, or bail.

Because these scammers research social media to get information on family relationships, information from recent travel photos, and personal information, the scams can be convincing. In some cases, scammers even use videos posted by people on social media to make the voices sound like the grandchild’s voice.

Any time your parent gets a call claiming to be from a grandchild in trouble, they need to hang up and call that grandchild’s parents and/or the grandchild. If they can’t reach their grandchild or the parents, they need to wait until they have spoken to them.

Obituary Scams

One of the most deplorable scams involves calling widowers or widows after reading an obituary. The scammer claims that the deceased owed them money and demand payment. Make sure your parent knows to never agree to pay a debt without proof that it’s legitimate.

A senior care representative from a local agency can help you schedule regular companionship care from a local caregiver. Call a senior care agency to get started.

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