You probably know you’re experiencing stress and you might even be taking steps here and there to resolve it, but you should probably be doing a little more. At the very least, you need to be more consistent about managing your stress.

Control Issues Can Get You in Trouble

Caregiver Medford, OR: Stress and Caregiving

Control is a tricky urge. You want to make everything happen the way you want, but when you cling to trying to control everything, you just find that everything cooperates even less. You’re not going to be able to control everything as a caregiver. You’re going to have to take a deep breath and roll with some things.

Isolation Is a Problem, Too
One big problem in caregiving is that you’re often so busy and facing so many challenges that you aren’t as involved with friends and family members as you used to be. That can lead to isolation, which is a huge stress trigger. Reach out more often to friends and to family members to let them know what you’re dealing with. They may be able to help more than you realize.

Try Breathing Exercises
It sounds silly but breathing exercises can do so much more for you and for your stress levels than a lot of other tools can, and you don’t need anything special. The first step is to notice how you breathe when you’re feeling stressed. Gradually deepen your breathing and make each breath just a little slower than the one before it. Practice this regularly and you’ll see some results.

Prioritize Time Away
You have got to start making time away from caregiving duties a priority for yourself. You don’t have to be a caregiver every second of every day. In fact, that’s not healthy for you at all. Start making plans now that allow you to take time away from caregiving while still leaving your senior in a safe spot. When you come back, you’ll be better prepared for everything you face daily.

Have a Conversation with Your Doctor
If you’ve been stressed for a long time, you need to talk to your doctor. Stress takes a physical toll on your body and can leave you with problems you didn’t anticipate. There may be steps you can take now that help you to deal with those repercussions before they become chronic health concerns.
The best time for you to manage your stress as a caregiver is before it gets to a boiling point. Managing your stress is an ongoing process and it’s going to take having a plan for you to manage what’s happening effectively.

Excerpt: Stress management is a key part of your caregiving journey.


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