Extra help in the form of elder care providers can make your life easier as a caregiver and can give your elderly family member support she very much needs. But that doesn’t automatically mean your senior is excited about the idea.

Talk to Her about Reasons and Options

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Elder Care Rogue River, OR: When Your Senior Doesn’t Want Extra Help

When you first talk with your senior about the idea of hiring extra help, she might balk because of expense, because of hiring someone she doesn’t know, or because of a variety of other reasons. No matter what she’s concerned about, you have reasons that this feels like the right option for you, so share them with her. Keep your reasons positive, because that’s going to help to frame her feelings about what’s going on.

Sell Her on the Concept of a Trial Run
Your senior might very well agree with a lot of what you have to say. She may even agree that you both need extra help. But that doesn’t mean she’s happy about this idea or on board with it in any way. Talk to her about the possibility of giving this option a trial run. If the situation isn’t described as a permanent one right from the start, your elderly family member might give it more of an actual chance.

Make Sure She Knows This Helps You
If you haven’t already shared how hiring elder care providers helps you, now is the time to do it. Just as your senior often doesn’t want to burden you, caregivers can be just as guilty of the same thing. Let her know that you’re struggling to keep up with all of your obligations and that you want the best care possible for her. When she understands that this can help you to be a better caregiver and to have more quality time with her, she may relent.

Revisit the Idea if She’s Still Not on Board
Even after all of these conversations, you still might not get the answer you need from your senior. She might even double down and tell you that she’s definitely not doing this. If that’s the case, you might have to back off for a little while and revisit the idea later. After she’s had some time to think she might have a different opinion.

Hiring elder care providers can benefit you and your senior both. But she might not see it that way yet. At some point if your own needs grow to the point you can’t wait for her any longer, you may need to just make the decision yourself and run with it.


Excerpt: If you’ve finally decided the time is right to get some extra help your senior might be your last stumbling block.


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