What Things Can 24-Hour Home Care Aides Help Your Dad Do?

You work part-time, but you’re also the one helping your dad every day. It’s getting hard to manage as he doesn’t sleep much. When you’re trying to sleep, he’s awake and overly demanding. You need something to change, but you’re not sure how to enact that change.

Have you considered 24-hour care? If not, it’s time you did. Here’s what caregivers can do for your family.

Stops Wandering

24-Hour Home Care Murphy, OR: Home Care Aides

Wandering happens in many people who have dementia. If your dad is wandering, it’s not going to happen at convenient times. You’ve probably seen news stories of people with dementia that walked away in the middle of the night while their family caregivers were sleeping. Alarms don’t always work.

With 24-hour caregivers, your dad won’t be able to wander away. His caregiver is awake and able to redirect him if he tries to go outside. If he refuses to stay in, his caregiver can go outside with him and walk around in the yard and make sure he comes back in after his walk.

Assists With Sundowning

Sundowning is common in adults with Alzheimer’s. As the sun sets and shadows take over certain areas, agitation increases. It can lead to paranoia, delusions, anger, and lashing out. If your dad is sundowning, 24-hour caregivers are there to help him calm down, no matter what time of the day or night it happens to be.

It takes the pressure off you, so you can go to bed and get the sleep you need. You know that a caregiver is with him and doing what is required in order to keep him safe.

Support For Severe Illnesses

Your dad may have a chronic condition or terminal illness that requires him to have supervision at all hours. If he has cancer and is undergoing treatments that leave him nauseous and weak, he could fall and injure himself in the middle of the night when trying to rush to the bathroom.

If he has a caregiver with him all day and night, he has the support he needs to get to the bathroom without risking a fall. His caregiver can help him clean up after and make sure he’s back in his chair or bed when he’s feeling better.

If your dad needs someone in his home throughout the day and night, arrange 24-hour home care for him. He shouldn’t have to be alone, and you shouldn’t have to give up sleep while trying to do everything on your own. Call a home care agency and ask about pricing and services for 24-hour home care.

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