What to do When Your Senior is Getting Speeding Tickets

When your senior is getting speeding tickets, there are many factors for you to consider. First, your senior may be facing age-related problems. For instance, it is common for older people to have stiff joints and muscles, making it challenging for them to handle basic driving maneuvers like turning their head to look behind them, brake safely, or turn the wheel. Second, it may be that your senior is not fit to drive anymore and may require senior home care assistance to help with activities like picking groceries for the elderly and taking your senior to clinical appointments. Senior home care services include but are not limited to elderly care, assistance with errands, and assistance with activities of daily living (ADL). These activities can be as few as helping with a couple of everyday tasks or as extensive as a full-fledged caregiver.

Why Do Seniors Get Tickets?

Senior Home Care Hugo, OR: Speeding Tickets and Seniors

There could be several issues that cause erratic driving in seniors. While one pertinent matter is the physical limitation, many other reasons may also lead to tickets piling up.

Speeding tickets are common for seniors because as they age, it can be hard for them to keep up with the rules of the road. In addition to their lack of knowledge, speeding is caused by slower reaction times and increased distraction as one ages. The result can be dangerous to other drivers on the road and the seniors themselves.

Senior Home Care Can Help

One of the reasons why seniors drive is that they need to get things done. While you are there for your loved one, it is highly unlikely for you to be there to help them all day, every day. It is also hard to keep a senior from driving who has been behind wheels for years. The best option for you to ensure that your senior avoids speeding tickets is to hire senior home care caregivers that can help transport your senior where they need to go.

Keeping Seniors Safe

Keeping senior drivers safe and secure is extremely important. Statistics show that accidents among senior drivers are more serious than those among any other group of drivers. Senior home care is not a medical service but rather a service offered to seniors who need assistance with daily living activities, which includes providing driving support.

A home care service makes it easy for your seniors to get things done so they don’t have to drive unnecessarily. If a senior insists on driving, these services can assist your senior to stay alert at all times. They will accompany the senior to ensure he drives safely and slow down when he encounters traffic or are close to vehicles. Following the advice seniors get from home care providers should keep them from getting a ticket.


You are not the only one wondering what to do when your senior is getting speeding tickets. If your senior is having trouble driving, it is important to intervene and help your senior.

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