Hip replacement surgery is a bit of a scary idea, mainly because it is a major surgery. But if your elderly family member needs hip surgery, it’s important that you both know what to expect and how to help her to recover as well as possible. 

Do What You Can to Prepare for Surgery Beforehand

Elderly Care in Gold Hill, OR: Seniors and Hip Surgery

When you can be prepared for any type of surgery before it happens, that’s really important. Talk to your senior’s surgeon and her doctor about what to expect and how this surgery is going to affect her. She may want to start doing things now that will pay off for her later, like starting an exercise routine or adjusting her eating habits to focus more on nutritional content. 

Consider Bringing in Elderly Care Services Now 

Hiring elderly care providers might be on your radar, but it’s possible that you’re thinking about bringing them in later on down the road. If you bring them in now, your senior can get used to having some extra help and may find that there’s a lot about having assistance that works for her. She also won’t be dealing with all of the emotions of having help after surgery when she’s likely to be a little more emotional and feeling more vulnerable. 

Make Sure You Understand What Needs to Happen After Surgery 

There’s a lot that happens after the surgery, too. Your elderly family member is going to be recovering, and there’s a lot that goes into that. You need to make sure you know what to expect from caring for your senior after her surgery and what she’s likely to need. If physical therapy is suggested, you might want to get an idea what that might look like now. After the surgery, ask questions if you don’t understand anything. 

Remember that it’s Not about Speed in Recovery 

Lots of people are more worried about getting up and going again as soon as possible after hip surgery. The truth is that it’s not about being the speediest in terms of recovery but making sure that your senior has what she needs in order to recover safely and within her own timeframe. If there are aspects of her treatment plan that don’t seem to be working for her, talk to her doctor about what she’s experiencing.  

Your senior’s quality of life can be greatly improved by getting a hip replacement. If you suspect that there’s more going on, make sure you let her doctor or surgeon know as soon as possible. 


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