If you want your elderly loved one to live the healthiest life they can, there are numerous things that can be done. You can encourage your elderly loved one to exercise and eat better. You can hire home care providers to ensure your loved one’s safety. In addition to all of these things, you can also encourage your elderly loved one to get regular health screenings done. By doing so, if there are any health issues, your loved one’s doctor can treat the issue sooner.  

Blood Pressure Screenings

Home Care Hugo, OR: Seniors and Health Screenings

There are many senior citizens who have high blood pressure. If your elderly loved one doesn’t know that they have high blood pressure, there will be a higher risk of them having a stroke or a heart attack. By having their blood pressure regularly checked at doctor’s appointments and at home, high blood pressure can be detected sooner. It can then be treated and managed. This can lower your elderly loved one’s risk of these serious health conditions.  

Cholesterol Screenings 

Another one of the health screenings that your elderly loved one should have done regularly is for their cholesterol. If your elderly loved one has high bad cholesterol levels it can greatly increase their risk of having coronary diseases. Your elderly loved one’s doctor can assess your loved one cholesterol levels and let them know if treatment is needed. Sometimes lifestyle changes can be made to lower these cholesterol levels. In other cases, medications are needed to manage cholesterol levels.  

Diabetes Screenings 

Your elderly loved one might also want or need to get a diabetes screening. This is especially the case if your loved one has the risk factors or warning signs of this condition. Their doctor might do regular testing for diabetes. If your elderly loved one has untreated diabetes, it could cause severe health issues earlier. Some of these issues might include kidney, artery, and heart damage. However, with proper treatment, diabetes can be managed for a long time.  

Various Cancer Screenings 

It is also important that you or a home care provider take your elderly loved one to a doctor’s appointment to be screened for cancer. This is even more important if your elderly loved one has a family history or personal history of cancer. By getting these screenings, breast, cervical, prostate, and other types of cancer can be caught early. With most types of cancer, an early diagnosis is essential to improve the chances of your loved one beating it.  


These are some of the health screenings that your elderly loved one should get. If your loved one follows through with getting these screenings, they can greatly reduce the risk of serious health issues.  


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